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ProtectED bookcases provide critical protection.

ProtectED bookcases serve as physical barricades, ballistic barriers, and psychological deterrents against violence in 

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Physical Barricade

The bookcase forms a physical barrier against attackers attempting to breach any room’s door.

Locking System

The locking system latches in place when the bookcase is rolled into place. An administrator key release can disengage the bookcase from outside the classroom.

Ballistic Barrier

A bullet-resistant fiberglass lining built into the structure resists multiple gunshots from handguns and other medium-caliber firearms. 

Psychological Deterrent

The mirror on the back has the potential to de-escalate a violent situation or delay or completely stop an active shooter.

Recessed Back

The back of the bookcase has a recessed space that allows it to sit flush against the wall over door knobs.

Practical  Application

The bookcase is a fully functioning furniture item, demilitarizing the classroom and other environments to increase psychological security.

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