A Protected Room in Seconds

When every second counts, ProtectEd bookcases provide critical protection.

ProtectEd bookcases serve as physical barricades, ballistic barriers and psychological deterrents against violence in 

Schools &

Government Buildings

Commercial & Healthcare


And More...

The Problem

Violent attacks in the USA, particularly those in schools conducted with firearms, pose a serious threat to our most precious resource—our children and our loved ones. These attacks can be difficult to predict or prevent, leaving victims unaware and unprepared.

The                     Solution

The ProtectEd Bookcase

The ProtectEd ballistic bookcase is a simple, easy-to-use product that provides both a practical function as bookshelves and a protective function as a barrier against attack.

Physical Barricade

The bookshelf forms a physical barrier against attackers attempting to breach any room’s door with latches that lock the bookcase to the wall and with overall durable metal construction form the bookcase's core.

Locking System

The locking system uses high strength latches that systematically lock when the bookshelf is rolled into place. Additionally, the locking mechanism features a latch release for personnel with assigned keys to disengage the bookcase from outside the classroom.

Ballistic Barrier

A bullet-resistant fiberglass lining built into the structure resists multiple gunshots from handguns and other medium-caliber firearms. The bookcase's size and recessed back sits flush against the wall and covers any door and its frame.

Psychological Deterrent

The full-size mirror on the back will be the first thing an active shooter sees. This deliberate mental stressor has the capacity to either delay or completely stop an active shooter from continuing their violent activity. The association of our bookcase with psychological factors not only clearly separates it from a standard bookcase but also from other bullet-resistant furniture.

Practical Application

The bookcase is fully functioning, giving it added value beyond just physical security. The overall design further helps to demilitarize the classroom and other environments and to increase psychological security.