The ProtectED Bookcase serves as an ideal layer of security for a variety of private organizations including:

  • small businesses

  • corporate headquarters

  • malls and stores

  • hospitals

  • restaurants

In addition to serving as a functional bookcase, the ProtectED Bookcase allows employees, customers, and patients to find safety during a violent incident.

The ProtectED bookcase further can:

  • build a comforting and safe environment for employees and customers alike

  • protect against property damage during riots and looting

Turning Break Rooms into Safe Rooms

Break rooms where employees regularly congregate often serve as ideal safe rooms if equipped with a ProtectED Bookcase. In the event of an attack, employees can secure themselves and customers in the room.

Workplace Violence and Looting

Violence - whether targeted attacks or rioting and looting - threatens property and employee safety and security. The ProtectED Bookcase is a key line of defense in protecting any business.