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Level 3 Standard Bookcase

The ProtectED Level 3 Standard Bookcase is a simple, easy-to-use product that provides both a practical function as a bookcase and a protective function as a barrier against attack.

Key Features:

  • Will stop up to 3 rounds from a .44 magnum handgun or smaller

  • Will stop up to a 4,500 lbs blunt force attack

  • Mirror on the back potentially de-escalates violent situations or delays an attacker

  • Locks securely in place with a simple push

  • Can easily be unlocked from the interior side

  • Can be unlocked from the exterior side using a master release key

  • Customizable color, size, and shelving options available

Included with each order is:

  • 1x ProtectED Level 3 Standard Bookcase

  • 1x passive position wall bracket

  • 2x active position wall brackets (left and right)

  • 10x anchoring bolts for CMUs

  • 8x chemical anchor kits for CMUs

  • 2x standard anchor kits for CMUs

  • 1x master release keys

  • 1x installation instruction manual

  • 1x product usage manual

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