The ProtectED Bookcase forms a critical layer in the security systems that protect our students and teachers in:

  • pre-schools

  • K-12 schools

  • higher education

In the event of a violent incident, the ProtectED bookcase can be easily rolled in front of a classroom door or window and locked in place by either children or adults in seconds. 

Once locked in position, the bookcase:

  • blocks assailants from seeing inside or entering the room

  • protects the room's occupants from gunfire

  • has the ability to deter or delay an attack, buying invaluable minutes and seconds for law enforcement to respond

Demilitarizing School Security

Children and young adults need to not only be safe, but must also feel safe in order to effectively learn. The ProtectED Bookcase is an ordinary bookcase, not just a security barrier, and does not intimidate or frighten students. 

Improvised Barricades Are Insufficient

Barricading classrooms can save lives, but stacked classroom furniture is often ineffective at preventing assailant entry into a room or stopping gunfire, and takes too long to put in place when seconds matter. The ProtectED Bookcase is capable of preventing entry by attackers and stopping gunfire, and can be activated in seconds.